Vision for El Paso County

Safe Neighborhoods

Public Safety is a group effort. 

Public Safety is knowing your neighbors. 

Public Safety is sharing your story over a cup of coffee. 

Public Safety is fast response times to emergencies.

Public Safety knows no boundaries and I will continue the valuable collaboration and coordination between the Public Safetentities throughout El Paso County.


Reliable Roads

As a professional engineer for over 20 years and a former board member for the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, I know the importance of connectivity.

Our roads and trails connect us to our families, our friends, our jobs and our recreation.  

I will advocate for citizens to reliably and safely travel throughout El Paso County.



Low Taxes

Low taxes set El Paso County apart from neighboring counties, year after year.

Inflation is high, mortgage interest rates are high. 

I will identify efficiencies and develop strong partnerships throughout the region to maximize the tax dollars that have been entrusted to the County Commissioners.