Brandy Williams


“As a business leader of a rapidly growing software company in El Paso County, I understand the importance of visionary local leadership in education, workforce development, and community prosperity. Brandy Williams has embodied these qualities as the former Chairperson of the Pikes Peak State College President’s Advisory Council, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to our community’s growth. Electing Brandy as County Commissioner is crucial for continuing to build a thriving county for both businesses and all El Paso County residents.”


Dr. Rebecca Decker, Chief Operating Officer, Bluestaq


Brandy Williams was born and raised in Colorado Springs. Her father, T.A. Williams, was also born in Colorado Springs as well as her grandfather, Johnny Williams. Brandy’s great-grandparents, Robert and Margret Williams, arrived in El Paso County from Wales in the late 1800’s. T. A. Williams was a local cattle rancher and Brandy grew up spending her weekends rounding up cattle and fixing fences.  On the ranch she learned the value of hard work, responsibility, and compassion. 


Ms. Williams is a graduate of Rampart High School. Brandy was accepted to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Returning to Colorado Springs, Brandy began her career at JR Engineering, a regional civil engineering firm and became a licensed Professional Engineer.


Brandy Williams successfully ran for Colorado Springs City Council in 2011 and was elected to an At-Large position. She devoted herself full-time to the community, particularly lending her expertise as an engineer to key municipal initiatives. Brandy served on the boards of Colorado Springs Utilities, the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, Care and Share, Pikes Peak State College President’s Advisory Council and the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control & Greenway District.


While on City Council she earnestly served all of the citizens of this beautiful region. Ms. Williams played an integral role in the lease of the Memorial Health System to UC Health. The partnership with UC Health brought increased stability to the Memorial Health System and has resulted in a Level 1 Trauma Center in southern Colorado. Near the end of her time on City Council she became a member of the CSLI Best Class Ever 2013.


Following her tenure on the City Council, Brandy tackled the role of City Engineer for the City of Fountain with remarkable efficacy. She successfully managed a backlog of $20 million in construction projects, showcasing her exceptional problem-solving skills and leadership. Brandy is currently employed as a Municipal Services Manager for HR Green, Inc.